Brinson's Curb Appeal

All work is done according to best practices for lawn and plant care
per Virginia Cooperative Extension and Virginia Tech.


Super Special: 
Fall lawn care & leaf removal: November

$ 39 / week, all inclusive

Sterling, VA temperatures range 67° during the day, and 43° overnight. Monthly rainfall hereabouts averages 3" and accumulates consistently, averaging 12 days of rain through the end of November.

Take advantage of this great weather to prepare for a beautiful and healthy spring lawn. We will mow the lawn; weed the 'show' gardens; remove leaves; test soil pH; and keep the lawn a consistent ≤ 3" height. At your option, we can mulch the leaves and use them to feed your acid-loving plants (azaleas, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, and such), or remove the leaves completely. Regular price is $45 week for lawns on up to 1/2 acre property.

Lawn Aeration Super Special for Sterling & Ashburn

$40 front yard only; $80 for whole yard up to 1/2 acre (front and back)

50% discounted special. Runs thru Friday, Nov 18, 2016. Presumes lawn is 3" or less in height at time of aeration (we can cut the lawn prior to aeration, the day of, for $30). Aeration is performed with purpose-built core-pulling aerator, which pulls 2" plugs spaced 4" apart. Gear is about as wide as a residential lawn mower and fits through most fence gates to enable backyard aeration. 

Special pricing for additional needs at time of service:

1) Add lawn fertilizer for $40 (up to 1/2 acre for this price; we use "winterizing" fertilizers OR "cool season grass" fertilizers, depending upon the type of lawn). Slow release fertilizer in granular form, typically.

2) Add fall fescue lawn over-seeding for $50 (up to 1/2 acre for this price; an added measure, as naturally occurring lawn seeds may emerge and be spread as the aeration cores disburse with time and mowing). We do not perform warm-season grass "renewal" (added plugs, sod, etc.).


1) We follow the Virginia Tech guidance for lawn care, including feeding and weeding. 

2) Fertilizer options include: "winterization" and "cool season grasses" fertilizer mixes. 

  • "Winterization" lawn fertilizers are useful for "warm season" grasses such as Zoysiagrass or Bermudagrass.

  • "Cool season grass" fertilizers are generally for fescues and other grass types suitable for Zone 6 and Zone 6b growing seasons. Most of the lawns we treat in Loudoun County and western Fairfax County are comprised of one or more types of cool season grasses. In the late fall, we generally apply fertilizer that is comprised of Nitrogen between 20-24, Potassium between 6-12, and Phosphorus at a measurement of 0 (zero). 

3) Over-seeding options typically involve Kentucky fall fescue grass seed mix for sunny to partly shady lawn areas, and a mix of tall and fine fescue grasses for densely shaded lawn areas.

4) The regular price for plug-removing lawn aeration is $165 per aeration for up to 10,000 sq ft of lawn coverage across up to 1/2 acre property; $60 to fertilize with slow release granules; $90 to over-seed.

5) Prices are subject to slight change based on availability of our normal supply of fertilizer and grass seed, and any significant upward tick to gasoline prices. We will inform you of changes to available fertilizers 

(specifically mix of Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus, and/or  Iron) and grass seed. Some fertilizer brands are suitable for simultaneous over-seeding, others require up to a 4 week delay.  

Special requirements: Prior to aeration, Brinson's Curb Appeal will ask you to indicate locations of sprinkler heads, shallow buried utilities and irrigation lines, rock-filled garden beds-turned-lawn areas, and other buried items to leave intact. These no-dig zones will be marked by brightly colored surveyor flags during the aeration process. Gear is not for rent.