Brinson's Curb Appeal

All work is done according to best practices for lawn and plant care
per Virginia Cooperative Extension and Virginia Tech.

My Commitments to You

1. I will explain what I am planning to do in clear terms; using pictures as necessary; reflectively listening, and taking notes as we talk.

2. I will obtain your permission to perform any work prior to doing the work. And, before making any first cuts, I will mark the cut and get approval.

3. When it is a complex job (such as repairing a fence, or pruning a number of trees and bushes), I will check in with you periodically to make sure how things are turning out aligns with what you want for the final result.

4. I take full responsibility for your satisfaction with my work.

Service Guarantees

1. In the unlikely and unfortunate event you have reason to be unhappy with any work result, I will work with you to determine what to do to make it right (at the time of discovery and notification).

2. I guarantee the results of my and my employee's work for up to two years from date of work completion for handyman services; up to thirty days for lawn and garden services, and odd jobs.